Friday, September 10, 2010

The Imprimatur! Manifesto

Q. Who am I?
A. The name I'll use while writing this blog is Irenaeus G. Saintonge. I'm a finance major at a western Canadian university.

Q. What is this blog about?
A. Anything that pops into my head at any given moment. I will write about my interests, my faith, my favourite music and TV shows, any whatever else about which I feel like addressing.

Q. Why the name?
A. "Imprimatur" means "Let it be printed". Exclamation points denote excitement. I've never blogged before, so we'll see how it turns out.

Q. What are my interests?
A. In no particular order: religion, karate, business, current events, university life, music, guitars, books, philosophy, morality, etc., etc., etc..

Q. What is my faith?
A. Traditionalist Roman Catholic with, to the best of my ability, perfect fidelity to Rome.

Q. Why am I blogging?
A. I don't know yet. Maybe I'm just one of those vain, egotistical people that likes talking about themselves. I don't know. Hopefully I can get something out of it, and maybe if I'm lucky you will too.

Welcome to Imprimatur!. I hope you enjoy my blog.

Most sincerely,

Irenaeus G. Saintonge


  1. I just started blogging too. Though my blog will be considerably umm, saltier, than yours.