Thursday, March 10, 2011

Template Redesign

After a suggestion from somebody on Reddit, I removed my picture template in order to increase readability. I hope it helps.
I like how it looks now. I did love that picture, but this is an acceptable alternative, and worthwhile if my posts are more readable.
I have to say, reading light text on a darker background is very fatiguing.

Just because I love that picture though:


  1. Nice piece, well written and as usual I enjoy reading your produce. What always strikes me first and foremost about these masses is the fact that the priest with his back turned to the congregation is not performing for the audience, rather he is giving sole attention to the celebration of the mass and total homage to God. There is no laughy, feel good anecdotes, no irreverant hand clapping or swaying to the music by the priest. It just seems more worthy of His Sacrifice, more Holy and Contrite, not a spectacle designed to hold the attention of the lukewarm, more an offering of guilt and love to the One who allowed us His Body for our salvation.

    Ed Normile

  2. I agree, and I think that ad orientem is far superior to versus populum like we're seeing almost exclusively right now.
    It gives me a sense of the priest leading his congregation, and offering their prayers on their behalf to God, rather than the versus populum that suggests to me a closed circle in which the priest and congregation are speaking, and even praying to each other.